Pay Per Call Local Marketing

Pay Per Call Local Marketing

Been testing a few things and the results are unreal with call forwarding, I predict the Internet will become one big call centre for local business, Google have been doing this for a while now and for sure is the way things will go!

Remember the days of Yellow Pages? Thomson Local?

If you needed anything you get that big yellow book (The Bible) of business to find your answer or service right?!!

If they had a big box around the Add they would be the best right? Well no not really they just paid more! they could be the worst but they paid enough.

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My Point is that pay enough and shout the loudest you get heard, so you are doing pay per click on pay per call marketing right, well you bid the most you get the call and that little phone pic, (there are few other bits involved but not getting into that here)

So if you could drive calls at 50cent per call and get $3 your on a winner right?

Thought of the day “Pay More Profit More”

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